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Data Recovery from eMMC used in Mobile Devices with a dead PCB

eMMC is widely used in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

MMC/eMMC has seen improvements to read and write speeds over the years, and more recently we’ve gone from eMMC V4.41, V4.5, V5.0, and V5.1. Unlike UFS, eMMC is based on an 8-bit parallel interface, and scaling of interface performance is nearing its limits.

The complete test points Data Care Clinic spent MANY countless hours and sleepless nights tracing so we can get a data recovery procedure made to fix all these devices either bricked or with a dead PCB. After discussions and friendly chat with friends. Data Care Clinic reviewed the patches and keeps improving our SOP to support more working modes. Data Care Clinic can recover data from mobile devices with a completely dead PCB faster.