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Motor Swap of SAS drive Using Clean Chamber Imported from Europe with German Technology

Data Care Clinic can work on all types of storage devices. Our clean chamber imported from Europe with German technology is much more advanced than our competitors and 10 times more expensive. Together with CNC micromachining, Data Care Clinic have developed its own hardware and software tools to deal with complex cases with better control and higher success rates.

Anniversary of Usage of PC 3000 Flash Circuit Board Adapter and Its Modifications

Data Care Clinic visited Data Recovery Labs and exchanged tips of Monolithic USB, XD, SD, Micro SD, MS and SSD data recovery. With decades research and teaching experience as professor and scientist in US, Germany, Japan, Canada and China on semiconductor, plus team members majored in Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Data Care Clinic have developed custom built hardware and software solutions using its micro/nano-machining tools which enables Data Care Clinic to recover and rescue data and files from monolithic flash storage devices.

Memory Management-compression store in Windows 10 Insider Build 10525

Some new features were introduced in Windows 10 Insider Build 10525. Memory management (“compression store”) may be temporarily inactive compress pages or contents in memory instead of writing them to disk as well as personalization options for color change are improvements in this build. With CNC machine and experience in storage and data management, Data Care Clinic can provide one of its kind systems and solutions to make your applications and data safe and secure.