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Data Recovery from Damaged Mac OS X Filevault 2 Encrypted Drive Which Cannot be Mounted on Native Mac Machine Owing to Bad Partition Info

Data Care Clinic recovered damaged Apple Mac OS X Filevault 2 encrypted drive from another data recovery lab. Ace Lab PC 3000 express 6.015 with DE 5.31 cannot help after tech support from Ace Lab. Either original or clone drive has issues to be mounted on Native Mac Machines.

Recover iMessage and Call History Deleted Years Ago from iPhone 5

Client needs evidence from iPhone 5 deleted years ago to fight in the court. Using our special hardware tools, Data Care Clinic successfully recovered over 28000 messages while other lab can only find less than 4000 using commercial off the shell tools. Data Care Clinic equipped with first class hardware tools plus our self-developed tools to recover data while other lab claims lost forever.

OnSite Data Recovery Service with Group Discount in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge

Data Care Clinic, as a member of The Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, provides onsite data recovery service and technical support for data security and data management in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge with group discount for member of The Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce.

Enabling Trim in Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.4

Upon the 10.10.4 update reboot, we stopped using Cindori’s injector since Apple’s injector can do the same thing.

Several days have passed, so far there is no evidence indicating that a single data loss issue exists.

Data Care Clinic has hardware, software tools and experience in dealing with all kinds storage (Hard drives, SSD, USB flash, SD, eMMC and all kinds of memory cards, Raid, NAS and San) problems.

Data Recovery via single USB port from mid-2013 MacBook Air dual boot Windows 7 partition

Coffee spill damaged one USB port of a friend’s mid-2013 MacBook Air, A1466. He prepared to sell it, price offered from buyer was too low. OS X Mavericks was out, to improve user experience, he did a fresh installation after a full format. Chose a new login account.

To use Office as well as keep software compatible, via Parallels Desktop made MacBook Air dual boot. Windows system was corrupted, cannot enter into, it says computer has crashed and reboots.

There is only one windows partition, all the data is in this windows partition. We figured out that the issue is related to hardware using the computer with a fresh installation of OS X on an external drive.

We cannot pull out the SSD since we do not have 2013 MacBook Pro and Air SSD to PCI-E 4X adapter at that time.

Using PE or Linux live we can get into windows, the problem is it took minutes for mouse to act, windows is frozen. To make matters worse, one USB port was malfunctioned, and we are left with only one USB port. We only have one blank hard drive. We do not have an SD card large enough so that we cannot use SDXC port to mirror the drive. We cannot use Thunderbolt port since we don’t have such a storage device. Friend needs to go to the airport. We only have 2 hours left to get the data back and no time to buy a thunderbolt storage.

There are 6 partitions after we opened computer, so there are some issues recognizing correct partition. After we can correctly recognize the partition which is over 170 GB, we cannot save to our flash drive which is too small. There are some errors while we extracted data from the corrupted SSD. Under explorer, many folders are empty. We extracted all the data after fixed this empty folders problem.