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Data Recovery from a 12 TB Storage Space Pool

Even though our PC 3000 express and other hardware tools are both fast and stable, to recover a 12 TB storage space pool is time consuming. Data Care Clinic team has spent whole week on the storage space data rescue without a finish. With those Ae, Re, Re+ and Se with 6 TB drives being used in NAS, server and surveillance system, Data Care Clinic is implementing its nix data center to support its client better and faster.

Synced 4-Disk Raid 5 (3+1)

Hot spare disk 4 replaced corrupted disk 3 two months ago. The raid array stopped working after a power failure. This time disk 2 malfunctioned. In a hurry, technicians made a deadly mistake: they powered the whole disk array back on and synced this 4-disk raid 5 (3+1). When they finished syncing the 4 disks, the required office files were corrupted.

After analyzing the 4 disks and their data structures, Data Care Clinic reconstructed the raid array and extracted the office files.

Lessons learned: It would be a simple recovery and almost all files can be rescued if there is no secondary damage to the array; on the other hand, there are still hope and solutions even if the whole raid array was synced completely.