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Data Care Clinic Purchased and Self-developed More Data Recovery Tools to Recover Data from NAND-based Monolithic EMMC, EMCP, USB, SD, Micro SD and MS in 2016

Data Care Clinic updated its data recovery tools in late 2015 to deal with NAND-based storage like SSD and monolithic EMMC, EMCP, USB, SD, Micro SD, MS and other memory cards, Data Care Clinic purchased more hardware tools in 2016, together with our self-developed tools, Data Care Clinic has the capabilities to recover data from all kinds of storage devices.

Motor Swap of SAS drive Using Clean Chamber Imported from Europe with German Technology

Data Care Clinic can work on all types of storage devices. Our clean chamber imported from Europe with German technology is much more advanced than our competitors and 10 times more expensive. Together with CNC micromachining, Data Care Clinic have developed its own hardware and software tools to deal with complex cases with better control and higher success rates.