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Optimized 2TB hard drive in an Xbox 360

Data Care Clinic helped client got all games moved to a new 2 TB hard drive. It took minutes before on the old hard drive just to load a few titles pictures on the dash screen. Now it’s almost instant.

Data Care Clinic optimized storage device which noticeably improves Xbox 360 system performance. Games load a lot quicker. A faster Xbox Guide, friends list, recent player loading, Xbox LIVE sign in, etc. makes MNC game playing so enjoyable.

Data Care Clinic provides free certification for the hard drive so that client knows its health status. Data Care Clinic can recover deleted game saves and migrate your data to a new and larger hard drive.

Reliable and Accurate Assessment of Authenticity of Brand SSD, 256 GB Enterprise SF-2581 SLC SSD DIY

Data Care Clinic provides storage certification and optimization including hard drive, solid state drive, and NAND-based USB flash and memory card. Kingston SSD lost its detection. Controller is SandForce 2281. Flash is JS29F64G08ACME2 Intel 25 nm MLC which supports DDR, a 1CE 8GB MLC 5K P/E. We also have some JS29F64G08ACME3 3K P/E. This Kingston SSD has 16 TSOP48 flashes, 8 flashes in each side. Since our tools from Soft Center and Ace Lab PC 3000 flash and PC 3000 SSD do not support it. After chip off, we used special tools to test each flash chip. After finished modules, bus, ram and r/w test. We connected this rebuilt SSD to a SATA port, started our PC. Drive was detected as a 60 GB SSD. Created a partition and alignment. Then checked its health condition. Health is 100%.

Did a SSD benchmark test; continuous read is ok, continuous write is just so-so. 4K test is not as good as original SSD, but it is much better than a mechanical hard drive.

After we put more acme2 and acme3 to make a 240 GB SSD. We have DIYed a 256 GB enterprise SF-2581 SLC SSD which passed all tests without failure or warning.