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Data Recovery from Hard Drive with SA and Rom Completely Replaced with Different Family and Model

Data Care Clinic successfully recovered data from a hard drive whose SA was completely replaced with another family and model. One of the 6 heads was bad, however SA was completely replaced. Previous company asking a higher data recovery fee and the client rejected the quote. Ace lab remotely checked the case for a whole week. We have checked almost every modules and rom. Ace lab told Data Care Clinic that only way to recover the data is to ask original modules and rom from whom altered it. Data Care Clinic and Client talked with previous recovery lab without success. Data Care Clinic analyzied the modules and rom, data was recovered. 

USB floppy device still failed to work on Windows 10 build 10176

Data Care Clinic still use 3.5″ diskettes for certain things, some of our math programs still run under dos and a couple pieces of software we still use install from floppies. These devices have worked on every version of Windows since Windows 9X, has never required a driver installation before, and works on Mac OS X and all distributions of Linux we have tried.  However, there is no driver for the device installed in Windows 10 even under build 10176.

Power off briefly after triggering the power on

Received a Lenovo Y460 for part. It powers off briefly after triggering power on. Checked current is about 0.2 A WHEN IT POWERS OFF. Standby current is 0.0035 A. Checked system power 3.3 V, Dram power 1.06 V, Southbridge PCH to CPU power good 1.05 V. Vtt is 1.05 V. Checked 5 V, and CPU voltage and most of the components, they all seem normal and stable without heating. Did a brief reflow, still power off after triggering the power on. Checked system clock, graphics and reflashed bios, all seem ok; however, it still powers off briefly. After we removed power protection by specific grounding. According to the sequence, we pin-point the possible issues.