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Memory Management-compression store in Windows 10 Insider Build 10525

Some new features were introduced in Windows 10 Insider Build 10525. Memory management (“compression store”) may be temporarily inactive compress pages or contents in memory instead of writing them to disk as well as personalization options for color change are improvements in this build. With CNC machine and experience in storage and data management, Data Care Clinic can provide one of its kind systems and solutions to make your applications and data safe and secure.

Virus-free MicroSDHC Corrupted Shortly After Inserted into the Clean Computers

We have a friend and his brother who suffered a strange problem: All the directories and files are corrupted after inserted into their computers. They are not living together, but share the common hobby:photography. Data Care Clinic recovered data from his cards and checked the computer. The next day the same problem happened again. Using our newly bought MicroSDHC, everything tested ok. Card can be formated fast, 30 GB files and directories can be copied to and out of card repeatedly. Problem happened again after he used the same healthy card at his home even if without an internet connection. Asked him repeat the process which excluded camera as a factor. Card, Camera and computer are all healthy and safe. Data Care clinic found the reason and solved the problem once for all.