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PC 3000 SSD Added Apple, Samsung, OCZ and AMD SSD Support

Pc 3000 SSD added support for Apple, Samsung, OCZ and AMD. Data Care Clinic equipped with the best hardware and software tools to deal with NAND based SSD, USB flash, SD/XD, Micro SD and MS. Data Care Clinic can recover data from monolithic flash storage.

Data Recovery from Undetected X360 Seagate F3 with Messed up Firmware Issues

This is a X-Box Seagate F3 drive. Client tried to flash some third-party program to use a larger hard drive. Rom and SA were messed up with another drive. It could not be detected. Two tech-support staffs from Ace lab tried 3 days, it could not be detected and there is no access to SA.

Data Care Clinic revisited this drive after our long time study on Seagate ROM and firmware. Finally we can access this drive and reprogram SA, drive can be detected fully. It functions perfect under Windows, Linux, mac OSX and others.


Data Care Clinic, as a member of The Guelph Chamber of Commerce, provides onsite data recovery service and technical support for data security and data management in Guelph and Fergus with group discount for member of The Guelph Chamber of Commerce.

Optimized 2TB hard drive in an Xbox 360

Data Care Clinic helped client got all games moved to a new 2 TB hard drive. It took minutes before on the old hard drive just to load a few titles pictures on the dash screen. Now it’s almost instant.

Data Care Clinic optimized storage device which noticeably improves Xbox 360 system performance. Games load a lot quicker. A faster Xbox Guide, friends list, recent player loading, Xbox LIVE sign in, etc. makes MNC game playing so enjoyable.

Data Care Clinic provides free certification for the hard drive so that client knows its health status. Data Care Clinic can recover deleted game saves and migrate your data to a new and larger hard drive.

XBOX PSP WII PMP and PS3/4 data recovery: restore corrupted/deleted game data from a failing hard drive

One can recover lost corrupted deleted formatted photos videos and other files from PS3 hard drive, Xbox memory, PSP memory card, PMP, WII device etc. easily in the case of storage device is healthy. Get back your game data from Xbox 360, 720, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PS4, etc. with a failing hard drive is challenging.

When trying to recover game saves, marketplace content, themes, or other Xbox 360-packaged data, one should be aware that if the file is not FULLY recovered, it will show up as corrupt on the console and/or in-game. This also applies to other game devices like WII, PSP, Nintendo DSi XL, and PMP.

Data Care Clini provides customers with full complete data recovery services. In the event that data recovery software cannot help you due to physical drive damage, Data Care Clinic can help!

Hard drive taken from Xbox 360 E has physical issues from clicking sound to failed read/write heads. After heads swap, hard drive can be detected in full.

Accidentally deleted some Minecraft save files and would like to recover them. Data Care Clinic experts find more than one Minecraft saves that were deleted. Extracted all Minecraft content after identified which files we need to recover. To ignore all game installation files and rescue the user specific files first. Here would be your settings, avatar items and game saves. After that clone the whole drive.

It can be tricky to transfer the recovered save to the new off the shelf hard drive to make it work. It is possible we can use a 500 GB hard drive instead of original 250 GB from Microsoft.

Not only do we get game saves back, we can have a bigger drive optimized for better performance.