Partner program provides opportunity for all involved to grow. There is no commitment and membership is free.

As a qualified Partner you will receive a considerable commission on all recovery cases you forward to us.

As a result you will earn more revenue for your company and provide better service for your clients.

UsingĀ Data Care Clinic app from Android-based device Partners can manage cases any time and anywhere.


Our Partnership Program is ideal for:

    • Computer/Game Console/Phone Resellers/Dealers
    • IT Maintenance companies
    • System Integrators
    • OEMs and organizations
    • IT Consultants
    • Computer/Phone Repair and Support Experts
    • Forensics/Security Service Providers
    • Educational & Non-Profit Organizations

Customer Referral Program

The Customer Referral Program is designed for organizations to refer their clients who have data recovery needs in return for a commission. Your customers will receive an outstanding service offered by Data Care Clinic.

Authorized Service Partner Program

If you wish to keep your own customer support service, the Authorized Service Partner Program is the option for you.
Authorized Service Partners receive a discount for data recovery services.

Complete Data Recovery, Repair, & Restoration