Data Care Clinic provides reliable and accurate storage (hard drive, SSD, NAND, USB flash and memory cards) certification so that you can know its authenticity and health status. Data Care Clinic can backup, secure wipe and fine tune/optimize your storage devices.

Data Security and Management

Data Care Clinic makes upgrades a breeze with our hassle-free Data Backup, Wiping, Transfer & Migration services.

Data Care Clinic provides the most suitable, safe and secure solution for your needs.

Custom Build, Upgrade and Repair & Tech Support

Data Care Clinic customizes computers/servers, mobile devices and provides you with the best support.

Data Care Clinic provides one of its kind design with 2.5D and 3D micromaching, engraving with your own design. Data Care Clinic can customize all the components and the whole system from hardware, software to OS.

Data Care Clinic custom tailored unique quick recovery solutions for web server, email server, database, network and mobile.

All Problems: Logical and Physical

Data Care Clinic has purchased and self-developed the best tools and skill sets and successfully recovered data under conditions from dropped clicking drive, seized motor, corrupted firmware, burned PCB, flooded, mechanical damaged platter, overwritten files to complete dead removable storages (USB flash, memory cards and SSD).

Data Care Clinic recovered deleted files, game saves, SMS/MMS, contacts, photos etc from broken, flooded, faulty memory chip, no power and dead board mobile devices (phone, pad, tablet, notebook, voice recorder, GPS, CD/DVD, Camera/Digicam/CCTV, PVR/DVR, top-box, gaming consoles  (Xbox, PSP, Wii) and NAS.

Data Care Clinic has the tools and skills to bypass passcode locked, activation lock on Apple mobile devices, Google Android devices and others.

Data Care Clinic can work with any storage devices (physical and virtual), any file systems and any raid levels. Data Care Clinic can recover data from remote cloud and remote servers/VPS.

Data Care Clinic can repair and rescue corrupted files (word, excel. power point, outlook, pdf, graphics/photo, audio/video, zip/rar, database/accounting).

 Data Care Clinic can lock/unlock your storage devices fast, clean and complete and encrypt/decrypt your data at drive/volume/directory/file levels.


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hdds data recovery file rescure encryption/decryption
Data Care Clinic Complete Data Recovery, Repair & Restoration
Data Care Clinic Complete Data Recovery, Repair & Restoration
Hard Drive: All interfaces: SATA/IDE/SAS/SCSI/USB/PCIE.
All vendors:
Seagate/Hitachi/IBM/Maxtor/Samsung/Toshiba/Fujitsu/Quantum/Western Digital.
Flash Memory: USB Flash/SDHC/SD/Micro SD/SSD/CF/MS. Mobile Devices: Phone/Tablet/Pad/MP3/Recorder/DVR. Removable Media: Floppy/CD/DVD/MD/MO/Etc.
RAID/SAN/NAS/VMDK/VHDX. Simple levels: 0/1/1E Offset/1E Adjacent/4/5/5E/5EE/6/6 Adaptec/JBOD. Combined levels: 10/50/60/51/Etc. Software-based RAID: LDM and mdadm.

Complete Data Recovery, Repair, & Restoration