Pricing and Fees

Data Care Clinic can provide complete, fast, and unique services at a fair price. You won’t find any hidden fees or extra charges after you approve the quote. Data Care Clinic will honour your privacy. You will be worry free!

We offer a simple pricing policy and affordable flat rate depending on the problem(s). After an analysis, we determine the nature of your data medium’s problem and tell you the appropriate rate.

Low Price Guarantee: Find a lower price and we’ll match it! Proof of price is required prior to approval.

Data Backup, Wiping, Transfer & Migration Services Price


Custom Build, Upgrade and Repair & Tech Support

One of its kind engraving with custom own design is $2/inch2. Larger than 24 inch x 24 inch engraving and cutting cost more.

OS installation is $55. Spyware, Trojan, Virus Removal is $55. Drive certification is $25/disk. System Optimization is $35.

Standard Data Recovery Service Prices

Diagnostic fee will typically be credit back in full to the data recovery fee if you use our data recovery service. Non-refundable diagnostic fee $25/disk (Previously opened drive, encrypted drive or Raid drive – $100/disk) must be paid prior to evaluation.

Level USB flash & small form media Phone & Pad  Drive Up to 2TB  Drive > 2TB / SSD
1 Basic Recovery

Hard drive is healthy without any bad sectors. Recovery of deleted files, formatted drive, overwritten file system
$199 $199 $299 $349
2 Minor Surgery

Hard drive has bad sectors PCB is malfunctioning, firmware issues, corrupted file systems. Read-write heads and motor are healthy
$399 $399 $399 $499
3 Major Surgery

Hard drive has physical issues in need of repair. Damaged read/write heads, seized motor
$700 $700 *lab fee + $600  *lab fee + $700 

Lab fee is paid prior to recovery. Lab fee is non-refundable and is not applied to the recovery price.

RAID, NAS or SAN Data Recovery

RAID, NAS or SAN data recovery rates are based on standard flat rates as well as type and level of data recovery. We try our best to provide you with the lowest and most affordable RAID data recovery price.

Remote Cloud and Remote Server Data Recovery

To recover data from remote cloud and remote servers, contact  Data Care Clinic for more details.

Standard service: Initial status update within 24 hours of the receipt of the drive. Drives are worked on during normal business hours. Typically 3-7 business days.

Expedited service: Gets you in the front of the line. Initial status update within 4 hours of the receipt of the drive. Drives are worked all the time. 72 hour guarantee (if recovery is successful and takes longer than 72 hours, standard service rates apply). Immediate expedited service fee ranges from $250 to $500 more than the standard service fee.

Prices may subject to change without notice.

Other Tech Services & Fees

Recovery costs are based on working with a bare hard drive. We very rarely agree to do work beyond the scope of data recovery or hard drive replacement. The labor charge to pull the drive out of an enclosure ranges from $40 to $80.

Prices do not include the target drive to load the recovered data. You may provide an empty healthy drive yourself when you mail in your bad hard drive or you may purchase a transfer drive from us.

Please note: All prices listed are based on the TOTAL size of the device, and not on the amount of data in the device or on the amount of data you would like to be recovered.

Free member benefits and Group/Quantity discount are available. Contact  Data Care Clinic for more details.

Data Care Clinic, as a member of The Guelph Chamber of Commerce, provides onsite data recovery service and technical support for data security and data management in Guelph and Fergus with group discount for member of The Guelph Chamber of Commerce.

Shipping Cost 

Shipping cost is extra and is not included in the data recovery fee.

Standard overnight shipping: Recovered Data placed onto an external drive and shipped back to you via couriers.

High priority shipping: Recovered Data placed onto two external drives and shipped back to you via couriers.

We will keep your data for a period of 10 days allowing you to safely copy the recovered data. After 10 days our engineers will use special tools to ensure the permanent deletion of your data.

Complete Data Recovery, Repair, & Restoration